Image communication apparatus and method

Dispositif de communication d'images et procédé pour la communication d'images

Bildübertragungsgerät und -verfahren


An image communication apparatus comprising Internet facsimile communication means, G3 facsimile communication means, characterized by detecting means for detecting a facsimile function of a communication partner based on a G3 facsimile procedure signal sent from the communication partner, decision means for deciding whether it changes to an Internet facsimile mode based on the detecting result by said detecting means, transmitting means for transmitting an instruction signal of the change to the Internet facsimile mode to the communication partner by said G3 facsimile communication means, in accordance with the decision by said decision means, shifting means for shifting to the Internet facsimile communication by said Internet facsimile means after said transmitting means transmits the instruction signal.




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