Kontaktloses Potentiometer

Potentiomètre sans contact

Non-contact type potentiometer


A non-contact type potentiometer to detect an angle of rotation and the use thereof in an actuator, a vehicle mounted radar device, and an automobile drive control system are provided. The non-contact type potentiometer includes a pair of planar magnets disposed opposite and parallel with respect to each other, in particular on a U-shaped magnetic yoke, the magnets and in particular the polarities of the magnets being arranged such that approximately parallel magnetic fields are formed around a magnetic detection element that is retained on a support shaft being connected in preferred applications to a rotary shaft on an actuator, a vehicle mounted radar device and an automobile control system, respectively. The support shaft can freely rotate relative to the stationary member. By rotating the support shaft or the rotary shaft on the actuator, a change in the output from the magnetic detection element occurs, thus allowing the angle of rotation to be detected.




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