Bandage pneumatique

Pneumatic tire


A pneumatic tire (1) to be mounted on a 15-degree-taper rim, comprises a tread portion (2), a pair of sidewall portions (3), a pair of bead portions (4) each with a bead core (5) therein, and a carcass (6) comprising a ply of steel cords, wherein in a meridian section of the tire under a state that the tire is not mounted on a rim but the bead portions are held such that the bead width is equal to the rim width of said 15-degree-taper rim, the bead base surface of each said bead portion, which is defined as extending between a bead heel and a bead toe, is substantially straight and inclined at an angle of from 22 to 26 degrees with respect to the tire axial direction, and a ratio La/Lb of the axial width La of the bead base surface to the maximum width Lb of the bead core is in a range of from 1.3 to 1.6.




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