Method of and system for reading medical image

Verfahren und System zum Lesen von medizinischen Bildern

Méthode et système pour lire des images médicales


An image reading system includes clients which output image data as a visible image. Individual diagnoses obtained on the visible images are input through the client. A management client outputs result of examination obtained from the individual diagnoses. A server is provided with an image memory and a result memory connected to the clients and the management client by way of a network. The image memory stores image data and the result memory stores results of examination obtained on the individual diagnoses. Each client receives the image data from the server by way of a network, outputs the image data and sends individual diagnoses input for the image data to the server by way of the network. The result memory stores results of examination obtained on the individual diagnoses sent from the respective clients, and the management client outputs the result of examination received from the server.




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