Network system, method of processing advertising information in a network system, and data storage medium carrying a program to implement the method

Netzwerksystem, Verfahren zum Verarbeiten von Werbeinformation in einem Netzwerksystem und Speichermedium für das Programm

Système de réseau, méthode de traitement de publicités dans un système de réseau et support de stockage pour le programme


To provide an advertising placement processing method and system enabling the information placement application process to be accomplished over the Internet (10), the system being a system for placing various information, including advertisements, introductions, event announcements, help wanted ads, looking to buy notices, announcements, and requests for assistance, on receipts issued from a POS terminal, vouchers issued by a kiosk terminal, and queuing number tickets issued from queuing number issuing devices in banks, for example. Information relating to the advertising application, advertising information, and advertising fee payment information is sent from a client PC (5) via the Internet (10) to a server system (1); the server system (1) calculates fee information according to the received advertising information, and sends it via the Internet (10) to the client PC (5). After confirming completion of the payment process, the server system (1) sends the advertising information to a central system, and the central system distributes the received advertising information to the plural POS systems (3, 7) connected to the central system. A store POS system that receives the advertising information prints the advertising information together with the transaction information for the purchased products on the receipt issued during the customer purchase transaction process.




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