Label-integrated index card

Carte d'index avec étiquette intégrée

Indexkarte mit integriertem Etikett


There is provided a label-integrated index card contained in an open-close type hexahedron container case comprising a main body having a bottom wall and a cover having a top wall, a front surface of said container case having an opening for cartridge insertion, said label-integrated index being composed of an index card having one surface processed with release treatment and a label having one surface processed with adhesive treatment and said label being attached to the index card at said one surfaces of said label and the index card, and said label-integrated index card including a rear portion abutting a rear wall of the case, a main portion connecting to the rear portion via a bend line, and a fold-back portion connecting to the main portion via a bend line, characterized in that areas on the side of the label adjacent to the bend line between the main portion and the fold-back portion is removed and/or cutoff edges are provided at both ends of the bend line between the main portion and the fold-back portion.




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