Image recording method

Procédé pour l'enregistrement d'images



According to the improved image recording method, each of pixels that compose an image to be recorded is rendered to be recordable as it is split into L recording points which are scattered in the direction of transport of thermal recording materials, multiple tone image data of each of the pixels is split in accordance with the multiple tone image data into M general equal portions of image data, M being smaller than L, the split image data is assigned in general equal amounts to at least part of the L recording points and the image is recorded as it is scattered among the part of the recording points on the basis of the split image data. Particularly in the case of employing a thermal head, the transportability of the thermal recording material is improved and so are the protection against the formation of scratchy images and the variations in platen hardness, thereby enabling the production of high-quality images that have no unevenness in density and which involve neither scratchy areas nor deterioration in quality. This method has the added advantage of preventing the recording peak temperatures from becoming unduly elevated in the high-density areas and, hence, the surface of the thermal recording material will not be damaged at all, whereby the thermal head and laser can be made more durable and useful for a longer period of time.




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