Bei Umgebungstemperatur schnell härtbare Polysiloxanzusammensetzungen mit guter Wasserbeständigkeit

Composition d'organopolysiloxane à durcissement rapide à température ambiante et ayant une bonne résistance à l'eau

Room temperature quick curable organopolysiloxane composition excellent in water resistance


A room temperature curable rubber composition of a condensation curing type that comprises as a base polymer a diorganopolysiloxane or a polyoxyalkylene in which both ends of the molecular chain are blocked with a hydrolyzable silyl group, and a β-dicarbonyl compound and an amino group containing organic compound that are blended with the base polymer. Since the room temperature curable rubber composition is cured with water in the air and at the same time the dehydration condensation of the β-carbonyl group and the amino group produces water in the composition, the quick curability and deep curability are improved remarkably. In addition, since this dehydration condensation reaction is an irreversible reaction, the product produced by the condensation dehydration is hydrolyzed to prevent the amino group containing compound from being regenerated, and as a result the hydrophilic nature of the cured product is prevented from increasing not to damage the water resistance.




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