Drive mechanism for a printer

Mécanisme d'entraînement pour imprimante

Antriebsmechanismus für Drucker


A serial printer comprises a platen (21), a carriage (12), a print head (11) mounted on the carriage (12), a reversible motor and a carriage drive mechanism (22, 24, 25) linked to said motor for reciprocating the carriage along the platen (21) in response to a reciprocating action of said motor. The same motor is used for driving a paper feed mechanism for feeding recording paper. The paper feed mechanism comprises a rotary member adapted to be rotated back and forth with a reciprocating action of said motor, transmission means for transmitting a rotation of said rotary member to a paper feed roller means (29, 90), a cam mechanism (40, 51, 70) also linked to said motor to be reciprocated in response to a reciprocating action of said motor and transmission control means (53) enabling or disabling said transmission means in response to said second cam mechanism.




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