Dispositif semi-conducteur ayant une jonction abrupte et procédé pour sa fabrication utilisant l'épitaxie

Halbleiterbauelement mit einem abrupten Übergang und Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung mittels Epitaxie

Semiconductor device having an abrupt junction and method of manufacturing same using epitaxy


A semiconductor device of a multilayer structure com. prising semiconductor materials of different properties manufactured by using at least a step of epitaxially forming a semi- conductor material layer on a substrate and a passivation film layer thereover, a step of introducing impurities into specific portions of the epitaxially formed semiconductor material layer and a step of removing the passivation film layer formed directly above the epitaxially formed semiconductor material layer within an epitaxy device and then applying epitaxial growing. Impurities introduced additionally to specific portions of the layer inside are eliminated substantially abruptly at the boundary in adjacent with the layer above the region introduced with impurities and the properties of semiconductors vary substantially abruptly at the boundary between the layer. introduced with the Impurities and the layer thereabove. The material for the passivation film layer for use with the manufacturing step comprises a passivation film material that can be epitaxially formed and easily removed at a temperature and in a atmosphere under which the epitaxially formed layer below the passivation film are not decomposed or evaporized, particularly, passivation film material composed of a multilayer structure formed by epitaxially forming, on the above-mentioned passivation film material, that can be selectively removed easily out of as epitaxy device.




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