Measuring electrophoretic mobility

Mesure de la mobilité électrophorétique

Messung der elektrophoretischen Beweglichkeit


Difficulties with known methods of measuring the electrophoretic mobilities of particles in a test sample, such as their low measuring efficiency and the difficulty in analysing statistically the results, are now overcome by a method comprising measuring, for a plurality of particles in the sample, the position Xj and the apparent electrophoretic mobility Mj at the position Xj of each particle and determining the true electrophoretic mobility for the particles by substituting the position for the stationary plane at which the flow velocity due to the electroosmotic effect is zero into the theoretical curve M(x) = -FX 2 + AX + B on the basis of the position Xj and the apparent electrophoretic mobility Mj for the particles measured. The information obtained via this technique can be used, for example, to provide immunological information when applied to blood leucocytes and also in detecting cancer cells from normal cells.




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