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US-3832051-A: Projector dissolve control patent, US-6908741-B1: Methods to identify compounds that modulate RAGE patent, US-7960709-B2: Ion implantation device and a method of semiconductor manufacturing by the implantation of boron hydride cluster ions patent, US-7354430-B2: Catheter incorporating a curable polymer layer to control flexibility patent, US-7769066-B2: Laser diode and method for fabricating same patent, US-7986674-B2: Method and apparatus for call setup latency reduction patent, US-8438591-B2: Channel tune dwell time log processing patent, US-7672249-B2: Configurable network appliance patent, US-7416385-B2: Housing for a centrifugal fan, pump, or turbine patent, US-8042626-B2: Gripping tool patent, US-7220266-B2: Tissue capturing and suturing device and method patent, US-8432326-B2: Method and system for a smart antenna utilizing leaky wave antennas patent, US-7442227-B2: Tightly agglomerated non-oxide particles and method for producing the same patent, US-7933632-B2: Tile space user interface for mobile devices patent, US-7549564-B2: Surgical stapling instrument with an articulating end effector patent, US-7989162-B2: Viral variants with altered susceptibility to nucleoside analogs and uses thereof patent, US-7201029-B2: Computer physical security device patent, US-7316845-B2: Multifunctional polymeric tissue coatings patent, US-7674308-B2: Filter elements; air cleaner; assembly; and methods patent, US-6764724-B1: Alignment layer for a liquid crystal display device patent, US-8201693-B2: Apparatus and method for separating solids from a solids laden liquid patent, US-7590643-B2: Systems and methods for extensions and inheritance for units of information manageable by a hardware/software interface system patent, US-7619819-B2: Method and apparatus for drug product tracking using encoded optical identification elements patent, US-7866769-B2: Storage and organization system and components thereof patent, US-7482482-B2: Optimized liquid-phase oxidation patent, US-7861482-B2: Locking system comprising a combination lock for panels patent, US-8258275-B2: Immunogen platform patent, US-6946296-B2: Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering patent, US-7862547-B2: Safety shield for medical needles patent, US-8100878-B2: Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof patent, US-8512134-B2: Method and apparatus for providing player incentives patent, US-7994376-B2: Olefin oligomerization patent, US-7922762-B2: Devices and methods for cardiac annulus stabilization and treatment patent, US-8332224-B2: System and method of supporting adaptive misrecognition conversational speech patent, US-8382447-B2: Shuttle pump with controlled geometry patent, US-8230929-B2: Methods of producing hydrocarbons for substantially constant composition gas generation patent, US-8125666-B2: Methods and systems for imaging device document management patent, US-8221290-B2: Sports electronic training system with electronic gaming features, and applications thereof patent, US-687631-A: Oil-press. patent, US-713490-A: Cash-register. patent, US-725331-A: X-ray tube. patent, US-725366-A: Acetylene-gas generator. patent, US-727407-A: Painter's elevator. patent, US-772762-A: Vegetable-topping machine. patent, US-775272-A: Vehicle-tire. patent, US-785228-A: Lock and latch. patent, US-803592-A: Monoazo dye and process of making same. patent, US-80452-A: Improvement in telegraph-instruments patent, US-83247-A: Improvement in cigar-machines patent, US-835406-A: Wire-connector. patent, US-848607-A: Oil or gas engine. patent, US-6817790-B2: Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus patent, US-6898619-B1: System and method for dynamically disabling resubmission of HTTP requests patent, US-7162283-B2: Sliding type mobile telephone terminal patent, US-7190400-B2: Charge multiplier with logarithmic dynamic range compression implemented in charge domain patent, US-7618305-B2: Apparatus and method for comfortably and dynamically adjusting the girth of a garment fastened by hook and eye patent, US-8519320-B2: Optical sensor circuit or array including optical sensor element having a light dependent variable resistance element patent, US-6761193-B1: Fuel level sensor and pump assembly patent, US-7104231-B2: Valve train of internal combustion engine patent, US-7989225-B2: Method for detaching layers with low magnetic permeability patent, US-8428376-B2: Predictive-transform source coding with subbands patent, US-6832860-B2: Optical module patent, US-7016415-B2: Modifying motion control signals based on input video characteristics patent, US-7027555-B2: Mineral matter analyzer apparatus and method patent, US-7202545-B2: Memory module and method for operating a memory module patent, US-7358575-B2: Method of fabricating SRAM device patent, US-7949764-B2: Method, system, and storage medium for validating users of communications services and messages transmitted patent, US-7989244-B2: Method of manufacturing nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device patent, US-8058666-B2: Semiconductor light emitting device and light emitting apparatus having the same patent, US-8097505-B2: Method of forming isolation layer in semiconductor device patent, US-8218328-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-6961554-B1: Power amplifier including a desensitized bias circuit patent, US-7308349-B2: Method of operation for a vision-based occupant classification system patent, US-7411299-B2: Passivation film of semiconductor device patent, US-7721855-B2: Locomotive dynamic braking grid package configuration patent, US-7729190-B2: Voltage control circuit, a voltage control method and a semiconductor memory device having the voltage control circuit patent, US-7834639-B2: Jitter injection circuit, pattern generator, test apparatus, and electronic device patent, US-8391086-B2: Mask-write apparatus for a SRAM cell patent, US-8410282-B2: Compounds as adenosine A1 receptor antagonists patent, US-6739734-B1: LED retrofit method and kit for converting fluorescent luminaries patent, US-6756107-B1: Mounting mat for mounting an exhaust-gas catalytic converter patent, US-6857440-B2: Safety valve patent, US-6891571-B2: Method and apparatus for improving video quality patent, US-6921434-B2: Regulated growth method for laser irradiating silicon films patent, US-6931986-B1: Strapping machine automatically adjusting the strap tension patent, US-7419103-B2: Fuel injector with direct needle control for an internal combustion engine patent, US-7507658-B2: Semiconductor apparatus and method of fabricating the apparatus patent, US-7678583-B2: Method of lysis of erythrocytes patent, US-7764659-B2: Scheduling method and apparatus for half-duplex transmission patent, US-8356170-B2: Management-apparatus card, measuring apparatus, health care system, and method for communicating vital sign data patent, US-6741692-B1: Method of and system for priority call processing based upon electronic mail status patent, US-6799265-B1: Dependency checking for reconfigurable logic patent, US-6846427-B2: Dry etching method and apparatus for use in the LCD device patent, US-7126900-B2: Optical scanning device patent, US-7181239-B2: Portable telephone apparatus with camera patent, US-7366130-B2: Base station and transmission power determining method in mobile communications systems patent, US-7368181-B2: Organic electroluminescent elements including triazine derivative compounds patent, US-7793764-B2: Wet brake system for a vehicle and a utility vehicle comprising the wet brake system patent, US-8104149-B1: Money clip patent, US-8108901-B2: Managing access to high definition content patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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